• Live with a twist...

  • Creative cuisine.

  • Upscale ambiance.

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  • Epicurean excellence.

  • Craveable cuisine.

  • Tropical tastes.

And, we still offer takeout.

With your health and safety in mind, our dining rooms are officially opened. Thank you for helping us pull together. We appreciate you.

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Nobody does fast casual quite like we do.

The food quality, fresh ingredients, unique flavor combinations and gourmet plating sets Blue Lemon apart from the rest. Our refined, blended service style provides the table touches and quality of a full-service restaurant, yet allows for the speed that would rival some fast-food establishments.


We cater to all sizes and budgets.


Decide what to eat.

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Blue Lemon aspires to be more than just a restaurant.

We value our place in the community and acknowledge the role we can have in changing the way people think and live. Change must begin within and emanate outward and the same is true with Blue Lemon. This ideal is why we challenge ourselves to be better, and never being satisfied with the status quo. Being better for Blue Lemon of course involves becoming more operationally efficient and increasing customer satisfaction.