Living Fit and Being Blue

At Blue Lemon, we pride ourselves as progressive and forward-thinking—embracing healthy living and passing this along in the form of positive attitude and gourmet cuisine.  As part of our efforts to instill and encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst our employees, I challenged upper leadership to get in shape enough to hike six miles equipped with fifty pounds of gear for a high country backpacking trip.  We will hike in on day one, gaining nearly a thousand feet of elevation in the process.  Then we will set up camp for two nights, and then turn around and hike out the same way.

Even though team members already embodied the BL vision of a healthful, clean lifestyle, I was taken aback with the enthusiasm that this challenge was embraced.  What started off as a weekly hiking get-together quickly evolved to several-days-a-week workouts with staff at all levels—from executive leadership to general management to line cooks.  The workouts, of course, involved a lot of hiking.  However, trail running, crossfit, bootcamp, and traditional weight lifting have all been utilized to challenge and intrigue participants.  There were, of course, a couple of spills and falls, but nothing that inhibited effort in progression.  If anything, the adversity solidified determination.

BL aspires to be more than just a restaurant.  We value our place in the community and acknowledge the role we can have in changing the way people think and live.  I have learned that personal change must begin within and emanate outward.  The same is true with Blue Lemon.  This ideal is why we challenge ourselves to be better, and never being satisfied with the status quo.  Being better for Blue Lemon of course involves becoming more operationally efficient and increasing customer satisfaction.  But it does not stop there.  We also strive to practice what we preach.  It is through setting and meeting ever-better challenges, goals, and milestones in all areas of life that we encourage each other with support and accountability.  We must change the way we think about life in order to change the way we live.

The leadership hike is still on the docket, forthcoming in mid-July.  I look forward to spending this time with our great team, learning and growing together in the process.  While on the hike, we will be reviewing several leadership and development books.  I am sure that there will be valuable lessons and information that will come from this.  I will be sure to share and tell all about our adventure in a future post.


Aaron Day

President & CEO