Blue Lemon: A Green Story

Since the early beginnings of Blue Lemon, we’ve known that the restaurant wouldn’t be a success if the environmental footprint was too big. For this reason, we’ve put a lot of resources towards the right chairs, cups and more, to make sure that people can visit our restaurant knowing that the world around them isn’t harmed.

Sandy and Ogden Chairs

Consumer waste keeps piling up into dumps and as litter, and Blue Lemon is fighting it, as are their customers who support the restaurant. Our chairs in Sandy and Ogden are made from up-cycled consumer waste. Each chair is made out of 111 recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and glass fiber (65% bottles and 35% glass fiber).
And these chairs aren’t cheap and flimsy. They are well crafted, sturdy, and stylish. We, and the makers of the chairs, believe that sustainability is reasonable and good for the future, and should be implemented into the restaurant world. Reusing the goods that manufacturers have already produced is one way Blue Lemon is making a difference.

What is PET?

PET is possibly the most common plastic on earth, because there are billions of plastic bottles used every year. While recycling PET is important, it is often turned into more disposable plastic that still eventually ends in landfills. The chairs we use, called 111 Navy, take PET out of landfills because they are chairs that people will keep and use for years.