New menu items and special offers

Blue Lemon rolling out new menu items and special offers for the summer months

You can count on fresh, stupendous food every time you come to Blue Lemon. But we thought it was about time to twist up the menu. Don’t worry, your favorites are still there, but we’ve got some new delights for your taste buds.

New menu items (May, June, July, Aug): 

Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup

$4.50 for a bowl, $2 for a cup. It’s an affordable, clean option that will leave you feeling good. Citrus for the summer!

Jalapeño Lime Glazed Salmon

We filet our salmon in the restaurant, and glaze it with our scratch-made jalapeño lime sauce. Then the dish is topped with corn and tomato relish, sliced avocado and charred jalapeños. On the side you get house rice and grilled asparagus.

Also, check out some other changes we’ve made for summer:

  • Lowered price of kids menu.
  • Sandwiches now come with side fries or salad (purchased separately before).
  • Now have a half and half combo with soup and sandwich.
  • Baked fries: Others have sweet potato fries but are still frying them. We don’t have fryers or microwaves – only convection oven and bake to order. Same with kids’ chicken fingers.
  • New on the menu: veggie and hummus sandwich.  A vegetarian gem, this is made with scratch-made hummus, sautéed peppers and onions, sliced crisp cucumber, green leaf lettuce and lemon pesto aioloi. It comes on white ciabatta or sprouted wheat bread.

Limited Offer for May:

Come try our special, the braised beef smothered burrito.

Limited Offer for May/June:

$2 off Tuesdays special (minimum purchase $10)