In Review: Blue Lemon Service Projects

We strive to be actively involved in the community, and not just be providing clean and elegant eating. Here are some of the projects we’ve been involved in.

MarketStar Cares

While it may come as a surprise to some, there are many children in Utah who don’t have enough to eat. We have a problem with that! Good food is the foundation for a good life. 

Marketstar’s charity arm, called Marketstar Cares, organizes food pantries for kids in need. For a recent Marketstar Cares event, we provided the food for 300 volunteers.

Global Day of Service Project

Global Days of Service is a nationwide initiative to serve lives and communities. During the month of April, service projects across the nation helped thousands of communities, and Blue Lemon participated in one here in Utah! 

Clean Up at Fort Buenaventura in Ogden City 

Fort Buenaventura was established along the banks of the Weber River by a fur trapper in the mid 1800s, and has a rich history. The fort was the beginning of the city of Ogden. Now Fort Buenaventura is a state park.

With help from donations from Nicholas and Stoneground Bakery, Blue Lemon donated the catering for a clean up project for the fort.