Blue Lemon Community

Building Communities of Love

Anger seems to be the predominant feeling of 2017 so far, and we think that’s unfortunate. Even with all the terrible things happening all over the world, scary changes, and misty future, we believe there is a good reason show love every day. That’s one of our big goals moving forward into 2017: to build the love within our stores, with our awesome customers, and with the community.

Love is important in many aspects of our life, though romantic relationships seem to dominate any discussion about the “l” word. Sure that’s important, but we think communities, neighbors, employers, employees, friends and families can and should show love to eachother on a regular basis. It’s always a good time to come together!

Here are some things we think are important to love:

Love Your Job

Okay, we know this is really difficult sometimes. But we also believe that there are ways to love your work, whatever it may be. And it starts with showing love to those around you, and being considerate of their situation.

Love Your Food

Obviously this is important for us. Eating can be a bonding experience. Meals should be a place of love. If you don’t love your food, you might be missing out on some important experiences.

Love Yourself

We think this is related to the last one, about loving your food. Show love to yourself by putting nutritious food in your body. We think this can lead to treating yourself better in other aspects of your life. You deserve respect and love, especially from yourself!

Love Your Community

Eat local. Get to know local growers and support them. You’ll feel better about what you eat, and your body will be grateful. But beyond food, show love to neighbors, teachers, waiters, and whomever else you interact with in your community.

In an effort to spread the love, we’ve started a Valentine’s contest. Check out our Instagram.