Why We Chose Pepsi, and Why We Introduced Stubborn Soda

The idea for Blue Lemon came when a husband and wife looked at the restaurant industry and realized that it was lopsided. Eating should be able to fuel us without negative side effects, but restaurants of this nature are few and far between. Blue Lemon offers a menu full of alternatives to traditional restaurant meals, meals that often leave us feeling heavy, sluggish and unhealthy. In this vein, we’ve switched our beverage options to Pepsi and Pepsi’s new cane sugar soda called Stubborn, because it allows us to offer more low calorie and zero calorie options, and gives our guests an option to avoid high fructose corn syrup.

This came about not just because we want to provide healthier beverage options, but because we asked our guests, and they want the same thing! Soda consumption is actually on the decline among many age groups, as people learn more about the dangers of high sugar consumption and high fructose corn syrup, a common ingredient in soda.

stubborn-soda-logoWe decided on Pepsi because it has more options with fewer calories, and because Diet Pepsi will now no longer be made with aspartame. This is a recent change, as Pepsi is starting to realize that people are demanding something more from their soft drinks.

What is Stubborn Soda?

PepsiCo recently launched these beverages, which include six natural flavors with no high fructose corn syrup. Black cherry, tarragon, root beer, lemon berry acai, agave vanilla cream, orange hibiscus and pineapple are the flavors.

Stubborn Soda is sweetened with Fair Trade Certified Cane Sugar, and we think it tastes awesome, and will compliment your meal well! These beverages are available now in all our locations.

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  1. Elaine Ferguson
    Elaine Ferguson says:

    Thank You for serving Stubborn Soda!
    Finally we can go back to the real and true ingredients in life.
    And tho ad to that, your food is delicious! And natural!!

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