Blue Lemon Presents Creative, Chef-Crafted Salads

Blue Lemon presents a sophisticated line of salad artistry.  We believe a salad isn’t just a meal – it’s a masterpiece. Consumers have grown tired of traditional casual dining, Blue Lemon presents our unique dishes that offer superb nutrition and sensational taste.

Consumers today want health, taste, convenience, and overall value. Based on the belief that food is the foundation of health, Blue Lemon presents an upscale family-friendly environment with a tantalizing menu. Amazing food in a vibrant, uplifting atmosphere, where the food is never weighed down with artificialities. You will leave energized, refreshed, and most importantly, satisfied. And we make sure to leave a small environmental footprint by supporting sustainable farming and using recycled materials. In essence, Blue Lemon is the epitome of epicurean excellence.



Our commitment to “pure clean food with a twist” means we are dedicated to elevated food quality, farm-fresh ingredients, unique flavor combinations and overall epicurean excellence. It’s what sets Blue Lemon apart. We believe in supporting local agriculture, and in leaving a small footprint. We believe people can eat better and feel better.


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  1. LeadFront
    LeadFront says:

    Blue Lemon is a 1-2 times a week lunch outing for us at work – especially for their salad variety. We never get tired of the beautiful array of menu options, and the salads are our go-to for sure.

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