Eating out in Utah, and in much of the country, is trending toward a classier, fresher approach to eating, and Blue Lemon restaurant stands out among the many such restaurants popping up around the state. With locations in Sandy, Salt Lake City, Cottonwood Heights, Highland and now Ogden, Blue Lemon is spreading its health-conscious cuisine and vibrant dining environment.

While Blue Lemon has goals to be a source of natural and delicious food presented in a unique way, it also wants to become a part of every community where it enters. But it is a helpful, healthy community member, rather than a diet-wrecker, which is part of the reason why the current restaurants have so quickly been embraced when they arrive.

Fitting into the fast casual variety of dining, Blue Lemon is the type of restaurant you won’t feel guilty eating at, but not a place that invades on your time.

What is fast casual?

Fast casual dining attempts to combine the quality vibe and superior flavors of a sit-down restaurant with the speed of a fast-food chain. But fast casual comes in many varieties, and Blue Lemon tries to distinguish itself from any other dining experience.

The variety on the menu is one of the key differences between Blue Lemon and other restaurants. Sandwiches, salads, soups and plated dishes come with a twist and depth of flavor rival restaurants with a much higher price tag.