World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Wear BLUE to any Blue Lemon location today in support of Autism Awareness and receive $2 off. #lightitupblue #autismawareness

Event Centers Versus Homes

What do you pick when it comes to weddings, special family events or corporate celebrations?

Special occasions deserve special locations, which is why it’s hard to decide where you want everyone to gather for your event. The home is cozy and comfortable, and an appealing option. Why would you choose an event space over your own home?

1. There is so much cleaning involved when you host at home.

Even if you hire a cleaning service beforehand, you’ll probably still find yourself tidying up before the event. And then after the event your home will probably be a disaster. It’s hard to be a happy host or hostess when you’re worried about your home.

2. Equipment rentals can be pricey and a headache.

Depending on the event, you’ll still probably need to rent things or buy things to make the occasion what you want it to be. And you have to worry about pick-up and returning.

3. Parking rarely accommodates everyone.

Nothing makes a guest grumpy like having to park a mile away to attend the gathering.

These concerns are what make the Blue Room in Highland a good option. It’s in a beautiful setting, and it’s fully equipped to provide the best party or gathering for you with the least hassle.

The right event space can make all the difference, which is why we take pride in our location of the Blue Room and in the quality we put into making it the perfect place.

Because of our location, your guests don’t have to worry about driving through a busy city trying to find parking. We are set in a secluded area without the disruptions of traffic noise.

Our Blue Room features state of the art media equipment, exquisite design, great views, and beautiful décor. We have anything and everything to make your next event memorable. And don’t worry about the food. The Blue Lemon restaurant just below will cater your event!

Reserve the Blue Room today! Call Heidi Dahl Events director 801-472-7041