Deseret News: 10 years after it opened, Utah’s Blue Lemon is more of a family restaurant than ever

ALPINE, UT — Math tests, football practices, dance competitions, family time — with six children between the ages of 5 and 14, Aaron and Lychelle Day have their fair share of tasks to complete, places to be and obstacles to overcome.

But one challenge they don’t endure — despite each of those six kids having different personalities, likes and dislikes — is picky eating.

“It’s not like most parents who deal with the pickiness of kids. My kids are not,” Aaron Day said. “They’ll try anything. I have one daughter that will try anything from sashimi to oysters to you name it, she’ll try it.”

What’s their secret?

“We’re really foodies at heart,” Aaron Day said. “… We really just enjoy food and enjoy the experience of trying new foods, and so we’ve always ventured out of our comfort zone and try new things.”

That love of food is not only something the Days have instilled in their children, it’s also something they hope permeates into every facet of their business. The Days are the founders of Blue Lemon, the Utah-based restaurant chain known for its “fast-casual gourmet” offerings and cerulean citrus logo.

On Feb. 25, Blue Lemon reaches its 10-year anniversary, a celebration the Days view as a milestone for both their business and their family. When the couple began the process to open their first Blue Lemon location in Highland in 2009, they had three daughters. Now the family has grown to include six children as Aaron and Lychelle Day have adopted their three sons in the years since opening Blue Lemon.

“Having our kids and our family grow with the concept and with Blue Lemon, it’s been really neat to see and sharing some of the experiences that we had with our kids and and having our kids involved is awesome,” Aaron Day said.

The concept for Blue Lemon developed out of a need the Days perceived in their own lives.

“There just really wasn’t anything in our local area down here in Highland that … we would want to go eat, for instance, to go on a date night but was also place we could also take the kids to and feel comfortable doing so,” Aaron Day said.

The Days, who live in Alpine, had also been experimenting in their own home with different types of eating — from vegan to vegetarian to an all-raw food diet — and wanted to provide a restaurant that had a “healthful eating aspect” to it as well.

“Really that’s what Blue Lemon’s menu was envisioned and born from,” Aaron Day said.

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Why We Chose Pepsi, and Why We Introduced Stubborn Soda

The idea for Blue Lemon came when a husband and wife looked at the restaurant industry and realized that it was lopsided. Eating should be able to fuel us without negative side effects, but restaurants of this nature are few and far between. Blue Lemon offers a menu full of alternatives to traditional restaurant meals, meals that often leave us feeling heavy, sluggish and unhealthy. In this vein, we’ve switched our beverage options to Pepsi and Pepsi’s new cane sugar soda called Stubborn, because it allows us to offer more low calorie and zero calorie options, and gives our guests an option to avoid high fructose corn syrup.

This came about not just because we want to provide healthier beverage options, but because we asked our guests, and they want the same thing! Soda consumption is actually on the decline among many age groups, as people learn more about the dangers of high sugar consumption and high fructose corn syrup, a common ingredient in soda.

stubborn-soda-logoWe decided on Pepsi because it has more options with fewer calories, and because Diet Pepsi will now no longer be made with aspartame. This is a recent change, as Pepsi is starting to realize that people are demanding something more from their soft drinks.

What is Stubborn Soda?

PepsiCo recently launched these beverages, which include six natural flavors with no high fructose corn syrup. Black cherry, tarragon, root beer, lemon berry acai, agave vanilla cream, orange hibiscus and pineapple are the flavors.

Stubborn Soda is sweetened with Fair Trade Certified Cane Sugar, and we think it tastes awesome, and will compliment your meal well! These beverages are available now in all our locations.

Blue Lemon Restaurants and Nicholas and Company Donate 8,000 Food Items to Five.12 Foundation to feed Hungry Kids in Utah Valley

HIGHLAND, Utah, March 10, 2019 – The local, fast-casual, gourmet restaurant chain, Blue Lemon, celebrated ten years in business by donating 10 percent of the sales made on its Feb. 25 birthday to the non-profit, Five.12. Food vendor, Nicholas and Company matched that donation and together the two local businesses were able to use the food supplier’s buying power to purchase 8,000 much-needed food items to help Five.12 fill Utah County school children’s backpacks to stave off hunger on the weekends.

Five.12 Foundation received a donation of 1,600 Granola Bars, 1,600 Nutri Grain bars, 1,600 individual boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats, 1,600 Snack Pack Puddings and 1,600 Ready-to-Serve Chicken Noodle Soups from the two companies.

“Blue Lemon has really demonstrated how much they care about the communities in which they operate their business and live,” said Nick Greer, founder of Five.12 Foundation, based in Alpine, Utah. “This week alone our volunteers will bag 1,600 packs of food for hungry children in Utah County.  Blue Lemon and Nicholas and Company have made a wonderful difference in these children’s lives.”

“We’re so grateful to our customers and friends who purchased breakfast, lunch or dinner in our five restaurants on Feb. 25, so we could provide a significant donation to the Five.12 Foundation. And we’re thrilled that our food vendor, Nicholas and Company, matched our donation for greater effect,” said Blue Lemon’s co-founder Aaron Day.

Blue Lemon operates fast-casual, gourmet restaurants in Highland, the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City, in Cottonwood Heights, Sandy and Farmington, Utah. Live With a Twist is the company’s motto, which means not only eating the restaurant’s fresh, gourmet food, but getting active and involved in the community in unique ways. For more information visit

About Blue Lemon

Blue Lemon was founded in 2009 by Utahns, Lychelle and Aaron Day, in an effort to provide families with fresh, seasonally-driven gourmet food with a unique twist of flavors and textures at an affordable price. Blue Lemon is passionate about helping its customers Live With a Twist through healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle. This commitment to health is also carried out at Blue Lemon through eco-friendly tactics such as sourcing from local providers and using recycled materials. The local restaurant, which was named among “The Top 40 Fast Casuals To Watch” by QSR Magazine, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at its five locations in Highland, Cottonwood Heights, Sandy, City Creek and Farmington, Utah. Blue Lemon also provides catering services for private functions and business events. For more information visit, @blue_lemon on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Blue Lemon adopts the Utah Adoption Exchange for its holiday give-back effort

Blue Lemon Restaurant is inviting holiday shoppers to help them “adopt” the Utah Adoption Exchange, by making extra purchases of children’s clothing and dropping them off at their five locations through Dec. 14, 2018.

The clothing will be distributed to the Utah Adoption Exchange to distribute to foster children in the system who are waiting to be adopted. The restaurant will also donate 50 percent of sales for every Maple-glazed Chicken entree purchased on December 14, 2018 in all Blue Lemon locations, to the Utah Adoption Exchange.

“We’re a local restaurant and we work hard to embody our Live With a Twist brand which focuses on healthy food, community and conscious living,” said Aaron Day, Blue Lemon co-founder and CEO. “We’ve chosen to adopt one of our favorite charities, the Utah Adoption Exchange, for our holiday give-back effort because we have two adopted children of our own. We ask that when you’re purchasing presents for your family and friends, please keep in mind the great children who live in foster care and are waiting to be adopted. They can always use underwear, socks, pants, sweaters and coats to keep them warm this winter.”

“We greatly appreciate Blue Lemon’s partnership,” said Lindsay Kaeting, Utah Adoption Exchange Executive Director. “Every night, thousands of children in Utah’s Foster Care system go to sleep in a home that is not theirs, in a bed that is not theirs, with a family that is not theirs. The Adoption Exchange along with local businesses such as Blue Lemon, work to provide new items for these children for Christmas that they can call their own. A new coat, a nice pair of shoes or a warm blanket can help create a positive memory for these children during the holidays.”

Blue Lemon unveils new menu items

Blue Lemon unveiled some new dishes at the Station Park location in Farmington.


Good Eats for Heart Beats

Blue Lemon AHA Give back night

Blue Lemon give back night, Feb. 25th

Heart disease is America’s #1 killer. Stroke is #5. Let’s do something about it.

On Feb. 25th from 6-9 pm, 15% of all proceeds from every Blue Lemon location will go to the American Heart Association. Let’s fight heart disease and stroke together!

The American Heart Association (AHA) is the largest voluntary health organization working to prevent, treat and defeat heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. These diseases claim more than 813,804 American lives a year. At Blue Lemon, we support the missing of the AHA, and hope to make an impact in our communities. Accept the challenge to help fight heart disease and stroke. We cannot achieve our mission without each one of you!

For Blue Lemon, 2017 is the year we spread feelings of love and joy to everyone we can. We know pretty much everyone has been influenced by heart disease, stroke or cardiovascular disease, so supporting the AHA is one way we support the community. We want healthy hearts, and we want better lives for people with heart disease. This give back night seemed especially appropriate for the month of February, it being a month where love is the focus, and also American Heart Month.

Why do we like the AHA? Because they’re doing some awesome things. The AHA is behind a lot of advancements in the field of heart disease, especially for women.

For example…

  • They are behind research discovering the differences in how heart disease affects men versus women. This understanding leads to better outcomes.
  • Their movement has helped millions more take ownership over their cardiovascular health.
  • Their research has helped save more than 670,000 women’s lives.

Awareness is key, and we feel honored to help spread the word. Learn about your heart health, your risk factors, and how to be healthier!

And lastly, show love to those around you, and help your family be heart-healthy.

Building Communities of Love

Anger seems to be the predominant feeling of 2017 so far, and we think that’s unfortunate. Even with all the terrible things happening all over the world, scary changes, and misty future, we believe there is a good reason show love every day. That’s one of our big goals moving forward into 2017: to build the love within our stores, with our awesome customers, and with the community.

Love is important in many aspects of our life, though romantic relationships seem to dominate any discussion about the “l” word. Sure that’s important, but we think communities, neighbors, employers, employees, friends and families can and should show love to eachother on a regular basis. It’s always a good time to come together!

Here are some things we think are important to love:

Love Your Job

Okay, we know this is really difficult sometimes. But we also believe that there are ways to love your work, whatever it may be. And it starts with showing love to those around you, and being considerate of their situation.

Love Your Food

Obviously this is important for us. Eating can be a bonding experience. Meals should be a place of love. If you don’t love your food, you might be missing out on some important experiences.

Love Yourself

We think this is related to the last one, about loving your food. Show love to yourself by putting nutritious food in your body. We think this can lead to treating yourself better in other aspects of your life. You deserve respect and love, especially from yourself!

Love Your Community

Eat local. Get to know local growers and support them. You’ll feel better about what you eat, and your body will be grateful. But beyond food, show love to neighbors, teachers, waiters, and whomever else you interact with in your community.

In an effort to spread the love, we’ve started a Valentine’s contest. Check out our Instagram.

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